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Recommendations of Fasting - Matn of Abu Shujaa^

The Second Matter

The second matter that the author mentioned as a recommendation of fasting is delaying the suHoor (pre-dawn meal), which can also be pronounced saHoor. It was narrated in the hadeeth what means, ‘Surely, delaying the suHoor is a Sunnah of the Prophets’ narrated by Ibn Hibbaan in his saheeh. It is also narrated in the hadeeth that the Prophet, Sallallaahu ^alayhi wa sallam, said:

لاَ يَزَالُ النَّاسُ بِخَيْرٍ مَا عَجَّلُوا الفِطْرَ وَأَخَّرُوا السُّحُورَ

which means “My nation will stay in a good situation as long they rush to break the fast and delay the suHoor.” Imaam Ahmad narrated that in his Musnad. And in a hadeeth of Ibn Hibbaan it is narrated, 

أُمِرْنَا مَعَاشِرَ الْأَنْبِيَاءِ بتعجِيل الفطور وَتأخِيرالسَحُور وَ بأن نَضْرِبَ بِأَيْمَانِنَا عَلَى شَمَائِلِنَا فِي الصَّلَاةِ

“We (the Prophets) have been ordered with rushing to break the fast, delaying the suHoor, and putting our right hands over our left hands in the prayer.” 

The recommendation of suHoor is a matter of Consensus. Whoever eats suHoor because the Messenger of Allaah, Sallallaahu ^alayhi wa sallam, ordered for that to be done, has reward. The Prophet said:

تَسَحَّرُوا فَإِنَّ فِي السَّحُورِ بَرَكَةً

which means: “Eat suHoor. Surely, in the suHoor there is blessing.” Narrated by the Two Shaykhs. Its time starts at midnight, as mentioned by ar-Raafi^iyy at the end of the chapter of Eemaan, and it ends at dawn (fajr). It is recommended to be close to dawn by a time that it takes to recite 50 verses unless that makes the person doubtful about the remainder of the night. The basis of suHoor takes place by mere eating or drinking, even if it were little. In Saheeh Ibn Hibbaan it is narrated, 

تَسَحَّرُوا وَلَوْ بِجُرْعَةٍ مِنْ مَاءٍ

“Eat suHoor, even if by a jur^ah (a sip) of water.” An-Nawawiyy mentioned that in the explanation of Al-Muhadhdhab.
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